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Members of the Penn State Student Chapter of PSLS (Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors) offer a great opportunity for high school students to explore land surveying as a career. Do you know of a high school student that likes to push the latest technology to it’s limits, has an aptitude for mathematics, enjoys the outdoors, and can solve problems in a creative manner? Then land surveying may be a rewarding career choice.

In an effort to promote land surveying as a career the members of the Penn State Student Chapter of PSLS are offering a one day program called “Surveyor’s Token Quest.” According to Matthew Boyes, Penn State Student and Program Host,  “The goal of the event is to give students not just a lesson on what surveying is but also have the students in the field experiencing what it’s like”.

For more information on the event, contact Matthew Boyes at [email protected] .

Below is a link to the United States Department of Labor Statistics website listing Occupational Employment and Wage Data for Surveyors. This information coupled with the the fact that the average age of today’s surveyors is 58 years old (1), makes land surveying a career worth exploring.


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