Howell Kline Surveying Projects

At Howell Kline Surveying we take pride in each and every one of our projects. Below you will find a listing of our featured projects. 

Hopewell Manor

The Hopewell Manor development consists of 72 active adult living units on 5 acres located in Elverson Borough, Chester County. The project was funded through the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency. The survey for this project was rather complicated due to the fact that three separate property owners were involved. Survey services provided include: Research, field work, calculations and drafting to prepare an ALTA / ACSM Land Title and Topographic Survey. Create numerous property swaps, and legal descriptions for the various parcels. Perform research, locate and plot multiple easements for utilities, trails and open spaces. Work closely with developer and Borough of Elverson to complete project on a very tight time frame as required by PHFA.

Coatesville Hotel Project

The Coatesville Hotel Project consisted of a Land Title Survey utilizing American Land Title Association / American Congress of Surveying and Mapping latest requirements. Project required review of Title Report containing numerous deeds for PennDOT Highway, pipelines, water and sewer easements. Easements were located on the ground and plotted on the survey. Legal descriptions and exhibits were created for various Air Rights Parcels, Lots, and water, sewer, and access easements. Coordinate with clients, lenders, and Chester County’s attorney to answer survey related questions and expedite survey work.

Highland Park

The Highland Park development consists of an 8/2 unit multiple family development on 19 acres located in Franklin Township, York County. The project was funded through the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency. Surveying services consisted of Boundary and topographic surveys of the property and off-site sewer and water utilities. Location of wetlands flags. Review of Title Report, location of all easements on the ground and plotting the easements on the survey. Prepare Plan of ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey. Howell Kline Surveying worked closely with developers, client’s and lender’s attorney, and governmental agencies to complete the survey on a very demanding time schedule to enable the developer to meet critical scheduling benchmarks.

Archdiocese of Philadelphia 

Boundary and Highway Right-of-Way survey, involving extensive deed and highway plan research at PennDOT and Montgomery County Recorder of Deeds office. Howell Kline Surveying performed a boundary survey to determine original property boundary lines prior to various takings for State Highway Right-Of-Way and created a Plan of Survey and detailed Report of Survey. We worked closely with client’s attorney to answer questions regarding chain of title, highway plan notations and other title related issues.

Westtown Force Main and Water Tank Expansion

The Westtown Force Main & Tank Expansion consisted of a detailed topographic survey along a 1,500’ main expansion route and tank site. Survey included boundary retracement, wetland locations, easement creations, and legal descriptions, as well as stake-out for installation of water main and tank improvements.