Surveying Methods

Compass and Chain Surveying Method

Photogrammetric mapping

Photogrammetric mapping may be developed from aerial photographs and is particularly useful for showing land contours, site conditions and details for large areas.

Electronic Measuring Surveying Method

Electronic Measuring

Electronic distance measuring equipment using light beams coupled with theodolites, enable the surveyor to measure precise angles and distances with greater ease and accuracy.

HowellKline Surveying

GPS - Global Satellite Positioning

Sophisticated electronic equipment using orbiting satellites to determine both horizontal and vertical placement on the face of the earth is a relatively new innovation.

Compass and Chain Surveying Method

Compass and Chain

Surveying with a magnetic compass and surveyor’s chain was the method employed in most of the original subdivisions of the Commonwealth. Today the technique is primarily used for reconnaissance surveys of large tracts.

Transit and Tape Surveying Method

Transit and Tape

Angles are measured with a transit or theodolite and distance is measured with a surveyor’s steel tape, giving the accuracy required for modern boundary or land title surveys