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Recently HowellKline Surveying has been involved in the location and placement of cell towers and antennas.  With the ever growing mobile phone industry, it has been a frantic race for companies to expand their network and coverage areas.  In theory, the company with the most extensive coverage will be the best, that and the fanciest new phone.

Each time a cell tower or antenna is either constructed or relocated, it must first be approved by the FAA.  They need to know the exact location of where they will be and at what height they will stand.  This ensures there are not obstructions in any flight path for planes or other aerial transports.  At HowellKline we are involved in gathering these locations for their approval.  We relate all horizontal location to latitude and longitude, and the heights are given by referencing an elevation at ground level on NAVD88 datum and all improvements are an above ground height from that reference point.  This gives the FAA a point in space that can be referenced from anywhere in the world.

With the ever changing size and figure of the company’s expanding networks, it becomes necessary to move and update their antennas to better facilitate and maximize their coverage.  Each time they do so, they need an elevation certification specifying their new location. These certifications must be certified to a predetermined accuracy, these tolerances are given a code to designate the level of accuracy to which must be certified.  For example a 1A certification, the 1 designates that the horizontal coordinate is within 20 feet of its actual location and the A designates that the vertical position is within 3 feet of its actual elevation.

We at HowellKline Surveying use Static GPS equipment to calculate the position of these locations.  Even though for a 1A certification we need to be within 20 feet horizontally and 3 feet vertically, our equipment will get us better accuracy levels than this.  We can get within an inch or two, but in reality we are more accustom to working more extreme tolerances.

In conclusion, we have strived to expand our abilities as a survey company to as many different industries as possible.  There is no job that we are not willing to apply our expertise too.  If it needs to be located, measured or dimensioned rest assured HowellKline Surveying is willing to take on the task.