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Surveyors work in some pretty challenging environments……freezing cold, blazing heat, busy construction sites, atop tall structures, and in rugged terrain, but one of the most challenging and dangerous situations we find ourselves in is when we are working along busy roads. Every year accidents and injuries involving surveyors, construction/utility crews, police and first responders working along roadways occur.

Safety vests, traffic cones, signage, flashing lights on work vehicles, road flares, and flaggers are all techniques used to create safe work areas along roadways. But these tools and techniques are only a part of the equation when trying to build a safe working environment along a roadway. The drivers passing through that work area are key to everyone’s safety.

It is easy to become distracted by what is happening along the roadway when approaching a work area. How many times have you witnessed and accident due to someone “rubbernecking” at something along the roadway? Have you ever found yourself momentarily caught off guard by that variation in traffic pattern during that commute you have made a million times?  Snow, ice, low light or high glare situations all add to the challenges of navigating a roadway work zone.

When navigating a work zone please remember to:

  • Stay alert and focus your attention on driving.
  • Obey the signage and flaggers.
  • Slow down.
  • Move over to give as much room as possible to those along the side of the road.

If we all exercise a little patients and care when it comes to roadway work zones we can ensure that both the traveling public and your friendly neighborhood surveyors get to go home at the end of the day safe and happy.

Happy New Year from HowellKline Surveying!