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Many times Property Managers or Homeowner Association Boards are asked to facilitate the maintenance or repair of improvements in common areas within a community.  Maybe a retaining wall needs to be repaired or replaced; or landscaping needs attention; or trees are in need of pruning or removal to address safety concerns.  All projects which could cost the Homeowners Association limited budget dollars.  And just as often the question is raised….”is that project actually located on community property, or is it located on an individual homeowners private property, or a neighboring property?”

HowellKline Surveying, LLC has worked with over a dozen different communities and 5 different management companies to answer those questions.  Projects ranging in scope from:

  • Performing a boundary retracement survey and placing corner monuments at a 140 acre community in Exton, Chester County which helped the HOA Board address encroachment issues from neighboring properties, and was used as a tool for planning future projects.
  • Marking the property lines of a 48 acre community in Springfield, Montgomery County, to facilitate extensive arborist work.
  • Locating deteriorating retaining walls to determine ownership.
  • Performing detailed topographic surveys in areas of poor drainage or in areas of erosion to aid in the engineering design of a solution to the drainage issues.
  • Quantifying the area of parking lots & driveways in order to solicit accurate bids for paving.
  • Marking a specific section of a single property line to define a community’s limit of responsibility.

These are all examples of how the surveying services offered by HowellKline Surveying helped Homeowner Associations and Property Managers save money and add value to their projects.  If you think HowellKline Survey might be of assistance to you please call 610-918-9004.