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HowellKline Surveying, LLC and DL Howell and Associates, Inc. have joined the design team preparing for renovations and site improvements at the Fern Hill Elementary school, located on Lincoln Avenue in West Goshen Township


The original part of the school building was designed / constructed in 1955 and has had at least 3 building addition projects over the years. Because the school had been improved in phases over the years there was no comprehensive plan showing what existed on the property. The first step in the process was to survey and prepare an up to date existing conditions plan of the 16 acre school property. This involved deed and PennDot right-of-way research, Pennsylvania One-Call to request field mark out and plans for any underground utilities, as well as a complete boundary survey and detailed topographic survey of the area of the school property slated for improvements.


As with any project the keys to success are understanding the client’s needs and finding innovative solutions to meet those needs. Working under a very tight schedule HowellKline Surveying was able to expedite the field work for the existing conditions survey and complete it prior to the start of school. This eliminated the need for the surveyors to be on site while students were present, and avoid disrupting the student’s and teacher’s school day. The next step of the process, which is underway now, is to compile all the deed research, field data, utility information, and right-of-way information into a complete plan of survey. This survey will then be utilized by the other design professionals on the team throughout the course of the project.

HowellKline Surveying and DL Howell look forward to being involved and working with the school and the design team to provide solutions to the schools current and future needs.

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