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Once a survey proposal is signed, most clients typically ask, “When can I expect the plan?”. Time is money, and surveys take time. For large projects, it can take weeks or even months to complete the fieldwork, reduce the survey notes, assemble the job data, and draft that information into a useful and reliable plan. In the past, the traditional method of surveying large areas was to hire a photogrammetric mapping firm that would use a fixed-winged plane. That method can be expensive, and typically takes multiple days or weeks before the client receives the final product.

Today, drones are rapidly reducing the turnaround time of our surveys. They allow us to set up a date, fly the job site, upload the data, and receive the survey files back from Drone Deploy as quickly as the same day.

One of the best examples of just how much time the use of drones can save on a large project is a boundary, topography, and physical improvement survey completed for the United Sports Training Complex in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. The entire 91.4 acre site was completed using four flight logs, totaling just over one hour. Without the use of drones, this would have taken our field crew over two weeks to ground survey. Our crew then had plenty of time to concentrate on locating sub-surface utilities, hidden features below canopy lines, and property monumentations.

The below is an orthomosaic-produced high-resolution aerial photo of the sports complex:

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of drone surveying, contact HowellKline Surveying, LLC anytime. Our friendly, helpful staff would be happy to speak with you.