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Recently, Howell Kline Surveying, LLC partnered with O’Brien & Gere Engineers, Inc. to perform topographic surveys of two USGS Gaging Station Dams in the creeks that feed the Green Lane Reservoir in Montgomery County, PA.

AQUA Pennsylvania, Inc. (AQUA) owns the reservoir. The creeks that feed it are popular fishing spots for outdoor enthusiasts. Whereas the gaging stations have outlived their intended purpose, and whereas the dams prevent trout and other fish from migrating up the creeks to spawn, AQUA has endeavored to remove these dams.

The first dam we surveyed was the East Greenville Dam in the Perkiomen Creek. It is located just off Church Road in Upper Hanover Township.

The second dam we surveyed was the Hillegas Dam in the West Branch of the Perkiomen Creek. It is located just off Hefner Road, also in Upper Hanover Township.

At each of these sites, Howell Kline Surveying, LLC performed a detailed topographic survey to map the dam, the USGS Gaging Station, the creek bottom, the creek’s banks, surrounding topography, locations & sizes of trees, utilities, adjacent roadways and adjacent bridge. We also located upstream and downstream cross-sections of each creek. We utilized a combination of trigonometric surveying with a total station and GPS surveying to determine the sites’ elevations relative to North American Vertical Datum (NAVD 88) and locations in the State Plane Coordinate System.

Howell Kline Surveying, LLC is proud to be an integral part of this important undertaking by AQUA, which will improve the ecosystems in and around the Green Lane Reservoir.