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Howell Kline Surveying Boundary Surveys

A boundary survey locates, describes, and maps the parcel’s property lines described in a deed. It will also indicate the extent of any easements or encroachments and may show the limitations imposed on the property by state or local regulations. A boundary survey may be an original survey or a retracement survey.

An original survey is a subdivision of land into smaller tracts, such as the original warrant surveys for subdividing the lands of William Penn. Any subdivision of an existing tract of land is also an original survey. The performance of such a survey is dictated by the client’s needs, site considerations, state laws, and local ordinances governing subdivisions. However, before a tract of land can be subdivided, a retracement survey must establish its corners and boundaries.

A retracement survey is a boundary survey, which re-establishes the corners and boundary lines of a parcel of land previously surveyed. This involves thorough research of both public and private records to arrive at a proper description of the property. Often the surveyor must include a historical analysis of property configurations in the general area. Such research may involve public records in other county courthouses or even research of the original warrant tracts maintained by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, Division of Land Records, at Harrisburg. Angular and linear measurements locating existing property corners and other evidence of ownership are then correlated with this title research.

Howell Kline Surveying thoroughly researches the historical records relating to the land and often all lands surrounding it. The field work begins after the research and involves establishing a control network of known points, which are then used to locate any existing monuments points are used to search for and locate existing monuments and other evidence of the boundaries. Once all of this is completed, the surveyors will compile all the information in order to reach their final conclusion. The survey crew will then return to the site and set the final monuments. After all this, the surveyor will draft a plan, prepare a legal description, and write a report.

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